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We worked together with the pedagogical team of the Money Museum to think and design the activities. We draw schemes, storyboards, and interaction structures to different public ages focused on themes like budget management.


At last, we've tested them with different audiences! With the Financial Learning Center, we're creating a better and positive experience with money that can have a huge impact on our personal decisions.

This is an interactive space where everyone can test and debate, it's about facts but also about opinions. This learning space encourages creation, sharing, and experimentation through physical and digital activities and also modular equipment that allows different space configurations. The work dynamic varies between working and exploring ideas in a small group and comparing their ideas with others and world data in a discussion forum.

With marks on the floor to guide the activities, a projection screen to share results, and dynamic tables that can be moved around, we created a flexible space that enables different group dynamics.

Furthermore, the dynamic table is a set of 3 different tables - action, high tech, and low tech - that participants will use through the activity.

We deal with money every day, but we really don't understand it or the financial system's complexity. That's why the Money Museum of Banco de Portugal invited us to design the space of the new Financial Learning Center and to think about its dynamics and activities.

For the new Financial Learning Center of the Money Museum in Lisbon, we aimed to create an enriching and memorable experience for everyone, but with a special focus on young people (between 8 and 16 years old).

This way we designed a space that is both playful and educational; a space where kids and teens feel comfortable sharing different points of view about money and their personal decisions.

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