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In partnership with With Company, we redesigned the service, space, and brand of the Institute of Registries and Notary in Portugal. A new model that aims a paradigm shift in the IRN service and spaces focused on streamlining and simplifying users' experience through a transparent and didactic service. The project is being implemented online and in all spaces of the IRN in Portugal.

Above all, this should be a service that guarantees the resolution of problems without unnecessary bureaucracy, processes shrouded in mystery, or fruitless waiting. Any interaction with the Registro should be simple and easy; it should be uncomplicated! That was the motto for the project and is reflected in the Registro service, spaces, and communication.

This concept implies that all spaces are intuitive. Therefore, users must understand the spaces, the processes and easily acquire the information they need. They should know exactly what to do and where to go!

On the other hand, all moments must be valued, even the waiting time. Users shouldn't feel they are waiting for nothing or waiting more than needed. To address this, we organized services, not by theme but by service time attendance and level of privacy required.

The front office includes different spaces, features, and addresses different needs. Still, essentially we wanted to give more autonomy to users:

Check-in and self-service area - reception where users can have the first basic information, make the check-in or autonomously resolve their needs.

Didactic area - service support space where users can ask questions and

learn more about the different services.

Waiting-area - different waiting spaces that can differ by type of seat, color, and level of comfort. These areas represent the average time the user will need to wait. 

Service counters - the service desks are not organized by service but by time of attendance and level of privacy required in the service. That way, counters can vary in color, equipment, materials, and areas.

The project not only intended to simplify the service for users but also for employees. Therefore, the project included the design of the entire back-office with more efficient and comfortable spaces for teams, easier access to all equipment, and a better balance between the front office and back-office work.

This concept presents yet another dimension, also reflected in the new brand "Registo". A new online space that promotes users' autonomy through digital tools and a consistent experience that extends beyond physical spaces.

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